Saturday, March 10, 2018

Producer Shed, Dedicated to Bringing Reality to American Television

Welcome to the Producer Shed blog, a non-profit dedicated to creating jobs in Internet Video, Television and Film with a focus on increasing the number of Americans of Hispanic descent in mainstream entertainment. I'm Rick Cuéllar Founder/CEO.

Through two decades of research and developments, I have concluded much of the prejudice and discrimination of Hispanics in the USA we have seen in the past and more than ever today, is caused by main stream entertainment.  Study after study shows what children see on television is what they accept as true and grow up believing. In 2008, I begin to develop a strategic plan to become the cornerstone to establishing viable industry to create programming that will showcase Hispanics as regular everyday Americans. 

I have become an advocate for “fighting” hate, prejudice and discrimination of Hispanics in the USA in a peaceful way and for this reason I have established Producer Shed as part of a larger strategic plan to create jobs and increase the number of Hispanics in entertainment in the USA.  By providing tools and training to support creators of entertainment through internet video, television and film projects today, which showcase Hispanics as “Americans”, I believe we can make a strong positive difference in the lives of the generations of tomorrow.

The Big 5 television networks deliver approximately seventy-two prime time scripted entertainment shows to the audience of the USA. In these prime times shows their are approximately 1027 principle characters Whites at 61.3% of the population in the USA exceed their population demographic percentage on television in the USA with 71.7% presence and Blacks at 13.3% of the population also exceed their demographic with a presence of 17.4% while Asians at 5.7% of the population are very close to meeting their demographic with 4.9% presence on mainstream television. Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders at .2% of the population have a presence of .3%.

On the other hand Hispanics at a nearly 18% demographic in the USA have a disproportional 5.7% presence on mainstream television while American Indian/Alaska Natives at 1.3% have no presence at all. 

Our Mission at Producer Shed is to create a fair reflection of the demographics of the USA and begin exposing the new generations to a true picture of "America".

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